Thursday, July 2, 2015

Northwest Hops // Buyers Beware

Northwest Hops are a well-known commodity here in the Pacific Northwest.  Living in Central Oregon, I am in the heart of micro-breweries, with around 31 establishments surrounding me.

I have started a nice sized garden on our property and was looking forward to growing 'hobby' hops myself simply for the beauty of them.  I obtained hops from one of my favorite garden centers, Moonfire & Sun Garden Center in Bend and potted them up into larger containers.  Then, I went online to purchase coir twine from a northwest hops grower.  

This image was borrowed from

Coir twine is commercial hop growers #1 recommended twine/yarn for growing hops on because of its' strength and durability. Coir twine is made from coconut husks and typically imported from Sri Lanka. 

Finding Northwest Hops website, I ordered my twine and waited…and waited…and waited.  5 weeks went by and no twine.  I called, I emailed…nothing.  

I was SCAMMED!  

My poor hops without their Northwest Hops Coir Twine!

Northwest Hops seemed very legit as far as I could tell up front.  The pictures above are from their website.  They have a facebook page with over 1,000 followers.  I wish I read more of the comments on the Northwest Hops Facebook page, however. Apparently, they have been doing this for quite some time.


After reporting them to the state and the Oregon Hops Commission, I decided to try purchasing from another Pacific Northwest hops company.  I decided to do my 'due diligence' before ordering this time.

I called up Freshops in Philomath, Oregon and spoke to them, ordering directly this time.  The gentleman I spoke with told me that I was the 10th person just lately that told him that they, too, were SCAMMED by Northwest Hops.  How can we stop them from scamming others?  The best way is to report them to the State and get the word out via social media.  We don't want scammers like these affecting our great reputation here in the Pacific Northwest.  

Freshops was kind enough to rush me out my order in the next day or two. 
I'm keeping the Pacific Northwest Faith!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Martini

I got back into the Garden to Glass Spirit yesterday afternoon with friends with a

Orange Creamsicle Martini!

One part Whipped Vodka, 2 parts fresh squeezed orange juice and 1/2 part Triple Sec.  Shake and serve!
(Ice and sugar rim are optional and not needed for full enjoyment!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Gift Ideas with Guest Pinner, Frederick Arndt

Introducing the first Guest Pinner on our
'Most Favorite Things' Pinterest Board...

Frederick Arndt 

I met Fred in Palm Springs, California in 2013 during Palm Springs Modernism Week.  I had been following him for quite some time, since we both sold our products through local brick and mortar store, Just Modern, but I finally had a chance to meet him and his lovely gal and accomplished author, Rosalee Klopf Tithof.  I also was thrilled to connect with Fred because he is from Saginaw, Michigan.  I have lots of family in Fred's 'neck of the woods' and am lucky enough to visit them every summer.
Just Modern booth during Palm Springs Modernism Week 2013

Frederick Arndt is a native of Michigan and has had a life long interest in the arts and architecture. In 2005, he retired from his professional engineering career to turn to his love of design and become an artist.  He, too, is inspired by Mid Century Modern influences such as 
Piet Mondrian, Charles and Ray Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Kasper.

Arndt’s works encompass a wide range of Mid Century Modern inspired home d├ęcor pieces including: sculptures, wall art, fretworks, mobiles, floor mounted and hanging static and kinetic art, lamps, tables, chairs, room dividers, easels, and more.  A large wall of Fred's artwork is always a warm Mid Century Modern warm welcome upon entering Just Modern's store in Palm Springs.

Showcasing more of Fred's wall decor at Just Modern in Palm Springs, CA

 Now, for the pinning!  Fred Arndt will be pinning holiday gift ideas on our American Maker Guest Pinterest Board ALL week!  He has actually already started!  Check it out!

Guest Pinterest Board including holiday gift ideas by (clockwise) Colby and Friends, Mid Century Woodshop, Portrhombus and Fred Arndt, himself!  See all this items, links to their Etsy site and more! 

Oh, there is one last thing!  Because I loves Arndt's work SO MUCH, I have decided to include a FREE Frederick Arndt Artwork, Mid Century Modern ornament with every purchase of a Jack Little plant pot!  Whoo Hoo!  Purchase the Jack Little for a loved one and keep the ornament for yourselfor visa versa!  It's up to you.  Free Shipping happening now too!  

I have chosen 3 of my favorite ornaments from Arndt as a gift to my customers:

Mid Century Modern Christmas at Just Modern
If you do not live in Palm Springs and would like to see Arndt's works of art, here are a few exhibiting galleries that are showcasing his work.  (You may call to make sure they are still being showcased before your visit).  Otherwise, you can purchase many items from the Fred Arndt Artworks Etsy store.

Aspen Candy Company - Aspen, CO
Artisan Design Network - Traverse City, MI
Etsy (Web Site) – Brooklyn, New York 
Midland Center for the Arts - Midland, MI 
LushPad (Web Site) - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Other ways to stay connected with Frederick Arndt Artworks and keep up with his success are:

Etsy Store

Saturday, November 8, 2014

American Made Gift Ideas | Supporting the Local Elves

Last year, I ran a Guest Pinterest Board Blog Series with top industry landscape designers, gardeners and like-minded bloggers.  Each guest pinner had one week to pin their favorite gift ideas for gardeners to my Garden Guest Pinterest Board.

This was a great way to share gifts for gardeners to a larger audience and also a way to showcase the guests themselves.

See More about last year's Guest Pinners here:
Clockwise:  Bruce Bailey, Katie Ketelsen, Pam Penick, and Nancy Wallace 

This time around, I decided to showcase American makers that have inspired me throughout the year.  To start, I have decided to kick off the fun with pinning gift ideas from Etsy myself this week! If you are not familiar with Etsy, it is a marketplace where people connect to buy and sell unique, handcrafted goods.  

I love finding one-of-a-kind gifts on Etsy for weddings, birthdays and Christmas.  I have my own Etsy page, however, I do not utilize it as much as I should.  Maybe after a week of pinning, I will get re-inspired! 

Sometimes, it is difficult to 'Shop Local', however, Etsy offers a fantastic platform to shop for those unique gifts while also supporting creative minds and entrepreneurs here in the United States.

I will announce our new Guest Pinner each Monday, beginning on November 17th. They will have the opportunity to pin items that they love and suggest great holiday gift items to my followers for the entire week.  Stay tuned!  It's going to be a fun time leading up to Christmas and the New Year!  

Here are a few of my pins…

Find these Artists, their Etsy Stores and more here!

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