Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drooling over plants

I have a love/hate relationship with Costco this time of year. I love seeing all the new garden products they carry in the spring. From furniture, pergolas and patio heaters to make your outdoor living space more intimate and personalized to compost bins, raised vegetable garden kits and greenhouses for those of us that like to get our hands dirty. Most of the products are very durable and worth the money.

But, when I see a couple beaming with joy over the new japanese maple, flowering azalea or budding rose they just purchased, I just want to turn them around to put it back on the shelf. The new, green growth on these plants are so enticing after a long, cold winter. However, in Central Oregon, I don't recommend planting these tender plants until the end of May (or until the snow has melted on Black Butte). This is a good rule of thumb for bedding plants too. Our dry freeze spells can not only damage new growth, but kill the plant all together.
I know how difficult it is to pass those gorgeous plants by. Use will power and save your money! You can do it! May is not that far away.

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