Monday, May 31, 2010

Fungus Amongus

After talking with a friend today, I discovered that I was not the only one battling mushrooms in my lawn. The extensively wet weather we we are having is the major contributor to their presents.

Mushrooms love moist conditions and need it to sprout their fruiting bodies. Their spores typically are not released until the mushrooms are fully grown. So, if the mushrooms are small and not showing their "gills", you can mow over them, pick them or kick them out without doing further damage.

If you feel like you are being defeated, consider going to your local plant nursery. They will have
lawn fungicide with the main ingredient being Bayleton. Use this as directed on the label.

The best way to keep these persistent mushrooms away is to keep your grass free of leaves, needles, pet feces and other nutrients that the mushrooms thrive on. Aerating and thatching your lawn will help too. Consider watering your lawn in the early hours of the morning instead of at night. Lastly, be sure not to over fertilize your lawn. The excess fertilizer that is not absorbed by your grass will feed the mushrooms.

A healthy lawn is the key to a mushroom free lawn! Happy Gardening!

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