Monday, September 27, 2010

Fierce Fall Frenzy

Central Oregon is beautiful in the fall, but this season is always short lived and we quickly find ourselves covered in snow. This is the time I like to refer to as "fierce fall frenzy". Realizing that winter is soon upon us, we are a frantically running around trying to get those things done that were on our "to do" list all summer...fix the roof, paint the house, clean out the garage and "finish" the yard.

To have a well-balanced landscape, Blooming Desert Landscapes knows how important it is to incorporate plant material that is interesting year-round...this includes plants with fall color. Now is a perfect time to take a look at your garden and figure out what you need to add to create a fabulous display of color for next fall. Plant material with berries are also very showy and can provide wildlife with food that they can store for the winter.

My favorite red fall foliage comes from 'Compact' Burning Bush, 'Miss Kim' Lilac, Ginnala Maple, Oakleaf Hydrangea, 'Brilliant' Red Chokecherry and 'Alfredo' Cranberry Bush.

For scarlet to orange fall color, consider Vine Maple, 'Gro-Low' Fragrant Sumac, 'Gold Flame' Spirea and 'Autumn Brilliance' Serviceberry.

Vibrant yellow color can be seen in Quaking Aspen, 'Littleleaf' Linden and 'Northern Gold' Forsythia.

Shrubs with eye catching berries include a variety of Serviceberries, Coralberry, White Snowberry, Nannyberry, 'Repens' Oregon Grapeholly, 'Onondaga' Viburnum, and Kinnickinnick.

Keep a look out for fall perennials as well. Deep purple, magenta and white flowering Asters, Caryopteris, Goldenrod and 'Autumn Joy' Sedum, which looks like cotton candy...unfortunately, the deer think so too.

These plant suggestions are site specific to Central Oregon, but also can apply to west of the Cascade Mountains. If you are elsewhere and you would like recommendations for fall color, please let me know.

Happy Autumn!

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