Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vertical Gardens Pouches

Root Pouch Urban Saddlebag
Blooming Desert Landscapes is having a lot of fun with these vertical garden pouches made from recycled plastic.

The most recent garden we put together was filled with edibles.  Set just outside our clients' kitchen are fresh culinary herbs and edible flowers.

Rosemary, variegated oregano, tarragon, lavendar, lemon balm and stevia, just to name a few.  The edible flowers were a combination of day lilies, cosmos and nasturtiums that would liven up any salad. Lastly, we added a few vines that would spill over the pouch. These are the only plants that are not edible...which is easy for the client to remember.

These urban saddlebags by Root Pouch are so easy to use.  Just throw them over any railing or fence, add a few plants and they will instantly beautify your outdoor space!  You can contact us if you would like to give them a try!

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