Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Chocolate Cosmos - Cosmos  atrosanguineus

 'Chocolate Soldier' Columbine - Aquilegia 'Chocolate Soldier'
While trying to satisfy my chocolate garden craving, I came upon a plant nursery online that specializes in chocolate flowers.  Chocolate Flower Farm is located on Whidbey Island just outside of Seattle, Washington.  If you are a chocolate lover, this nursery is just for you!  

'Milk Chocolate' Foxglove - Digitalis parviflora 'Milk Chocolate'

Chocolate Daisy - Berlandiera lyrata

After all that chocolate, I was starting to get thirsty.  I asked Dirt & Martinis what I could bring from the garden to the glass.  I was given a great cocktail recipe using chocolate mint. Mmmmmm.
Chocolate Mint - Mentha piperita
Hopefully, that will satisfy my cravings.  But if I'm still hungry the next morning, I have a scrumptious Chocolate Mint Banana Bread Recipe from Mountain Valley Growers.  They specialize in certified organic vegetables, culinary herbs and perennials.  If you aren't sure what you would like to start or add to your garden, Mountain Valley Growers sell specialty plant kits.  The fragrant herb garden kit and kids herb garden both include the chocolate daisy shown above.

So, get out there and indulge a little!  Chocolate flowers really should be every gardeners' guilty pleasure.


  1. I love chocolate and the chocolate plants are all the rage and why not...I do love the smell of my chocolate mint too

  2. Being a chocoholic, this post fed into the cravings of my addiction. The chocolate flowers are so beautiful and really do remind me of chocolate. Your photos are mouth-watering. Welcome to Blotanical!

  3. I came across this today after purchasing a chocolate mint plant and coming to look up something about it. Thanks for sharing. I can wait to experiment with the of my new found treasure.