Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another vertical garden goes up in Bend!

I have been working on several living art pieces for quite some time now.  I was thrilled to deliver one to its new home today!


Made from reclaimed barn wood, metal and succulents. 
Blooming Desert Landscapes
Measure twice, drill once.
A perfect fit~!

Unfortunately, I had to leave before it was fully installed.  So, no 'after' picture just yet.  I will connect with the home owner
in a couple weeks to see how her new vertical garden is 'growing'.  Stay tuned.

We have other unique projects brewing!  To check out some additional living art pieces, click here!  You will have to
contact me for pricing at this point, but hopefully I will have it online soon.


1 comment :

  1. Very cool!
    Good to find you on Blotanical...
    Look forward to seeing the progress of this project.
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz