Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall is here. Are you mentally prepared, gardenly speaking?

I had such a spectacular summer.  It was really difficult to get in the right set of mind for fall.   The leaves haven't even changed color here yet!  I needed a little inspiration and I just love the color I started with that.

Photo taken by Blooming Desert.
The circle pot by Potted.
Planter by McCheek's Mayhem
Lion's Ear - Leonotis leonurus. Photo taken by Blooming Desert.
Aluminum cachepots by Pad Outdoor
Cheshire Chaise Lounger Chair by Hospitality Design Source

Metal Mag 3 table by Pfeiffer Lab
Photo borrowed from Apartment Therapy.

Chinese Lantern - Physalis alkekengi
DL Domino wall planters by Vessel U.S.A., Inc.

Wallter post planters

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  1. Great shots of orange...the leaves in the NE are changing color and looking beautiful and no I am not ready. I have loads more to do in the garden before we bitton it up for winter...