Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo - Long Beach, Ca.

I have just returned from attending the 2011 Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo in Long Beach, California for the first time.  Knowing so many indoor garden enthusiasts here in Central Oregon, I felt like it would be very beneficial to learn more about the technology and bring back the knowledge to the rest of the community. Bend, Oregon can get freezing temperatures 10 months out of the year.  This can be quite frustrating for our gardeners!

There were so many great booths at this Expo, however, I decided to mention just a few of my favorites.

Foli Organic Nutrients launched there new products over the weekend.  Their humble 10' x 10' booth was adjacent the two largest nutrient companies currently on the market, General Hydro and Nutrifield.  That didn't stop them from bringing in the largest numbers of interested customers all day long!

The reason Foli Organic is different from the rest of the products already out on the market is because their nutrient-based fertilizer solution is derived from ocean water extract and fermented molasses. Ultra Veg, Bloom Zoom, and Root Rush provide 90 natural occurring elements for a plant’s healthy growth and lessens the need for toxic pesticides, fungicides and other additives. 

I have been using samples of this product on my landscape and succulent gardens for the past year.  The results have been astounding and I can't wait for it to be be out on the market!  The registration for Foli Organic products should be finalized in every state by the end of the year.  To learn more about their products, you can download their brochure or visit the Foli Organic website.

I saw several fabric pot/planter booths.  Including Smart Pots, Geo Planter (which carry a velcro seemed pot for easy plant removal) and Root Pouch. I love the fabric pot concept and when the day comes for me to start my own plant nursery, I will be using these!  The main advantage to fabric pots is the self air pruning capability.  This results in healthier, more fibrous roots that are able to uptake more nutrients to the plant.  Not to mention that they are much more friendly to our environment than the standard black nursery pots.

I will be sampling all three products, however, I have to favor Root Pouch, since they are a family owned, Oregon-based business just over the mountains from our own Blooming Desert.  I have already used the Root Pouch saddle bags over the past year and have loved the results!

volvit easy rollsLastly, I came upon a new product that I will be testing in my new office space - the Volvit Easy Roll.  This is a top quality, Italian made accessory that provides ease of adjustment to the height of your hanging planter or lighting panel.  No more balancing act on a shaky step stool when trying to water your hanging planter!

OK, I'm off to continue my outdoor gardening.  At least until the snow falls.

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