Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pondemonium 2011

PONDEMONIUM!!!  Sounds pretty profound, huh?   Well, it is.  Especially if you image it like I do.  Being called out through a microphone with dance music and cheering in the background , like you're at a basketball game. 

Speaking of basketball, our own Indiana Hoosier,  Drew Lester of Blooming Desert Landscapes was selected by Ewing Irrigation to participate in this unique event last August.  Every year, Aquascape, Inc’s hosts a sustainable outdoor water feature build and 4 day, educational event.  This year, they held a hands-on training course for Certified Aquascape Contractors at the Chicago’s Shedd AquariumThe installation of this 15' x 30' pond, 50' stream and multiple waterfalls was a chance to put some of the most innovative and sustainable landscape solutions in the water scape industry to the test. 
During construction

The design intent was to mimic a native Illinois stream with like flora and fauna.
The 50-foot stream and waterfalls were created with large, weathered limestone, giving the feature an aged appearance while providing a role in water chemistry as the stream receives dissolved minerals from the stone. 
The Whole Crew!
Previously installed water feature by Aquascapes.

It was a great opportunity for Blooming Desert to work with other landscape professionals on such a unique project.  This water feature will serve as an important exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium, educating people about the importance of native habitats in our environment.  Check it out if you are in the neighborhood!

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  1. Nice post, Shannon! The outdoor water features at the Shedd Aquarium are amazing, thanks to waterscapers like Drew!