Friday, November 2, 2012

Potting up Steel Life's Matchstick planter

Through the process of selling my new planter collection line, Steel Life, I have noticed that people are fascinated with the design element, but are hesitant to plant them up.  So, I have decided to show how easy it is!  

My planters are typically designed with certain plant material in mind.  Most of the time, it focuses around succulents, drought-tolerant plant material or the need for one single plant specimen.

This is the cone for Steel Life's Matchstick planter.  It is perfectly shaped to hold 1 - 1 gallon sized plant and 4 to 6 - 4" pot plants.

As you can see, different sized plants have a different sized root system.  Annuals and succulents usually have shallower roots than perennials or small shrubs.

 Ornamental Kale
 Fall Mums
I love the combination of these colors and textures!

I like my fall planters to contain a variety of color and lasting interest through the winter months.  Here, I have chosen fall mums, ornamental kale, johnny jump ups/pansies and sempervivums (hens and chicks).  Once the chrysanthemums have bloomed, I like to replace them with ornamental kale or a small evergreen.  That way, you can enjoy your planter for many more months.

I make sure the planted cone is fully watered and drained before I put it on the planter stand.  That way, dirt doesn't get all over and you don't run the risk of getting water spots on the wooden stand.

And there you have it!  The tall and short matchstick planter ready for fall and winter!
If you are looking for an indoor plant for your matchstick, I recommend trying the Snake plant/Mother-in-law's tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii').  It is a clean plant and fits the modern look of the planter.

My most recent retailers that have the Matchstick planter in stock are:

The Workhouse - Bend, OR
Just Modern - Palm Springs, CA
Flora Grubb Gardens - San Francisco, CA
Redenta's Garden - Dallas, TX
Forage Modern Workshop- Minneapolis, MN

Don't have the Matchstick available in your neighborhood?  Request it at your favorite home and garden store or email me direct at

Happy Planting!


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