Sunday, March 10, 2013

American made Modern Design courtesy of Modestics

If you aren't familiar with Modestics, it is time to be introduced.  This is a blog that promotes American made Modern Design.  Not just any American company, but more specifically small businesses and independent designers.  You can find all the up and coming American made brands on one site- from furniture, lighting and outdoor decor to clothing, jewelry and footwear.

Modestics also makes consumers aware of potential product Knock Offs.  This is where larger box stores duplicate a product designed by an independent designer, has it made outside of the U.S. (most likely China) and sells it for much less.  This not only takes jobs out of the U.S., but it also discourages small businesses from striving for the American Dream.

Right now, Modestics is having a March Madness Sale.  All month long, Modestics will be offering a variety of products they promote at great discounts including WallterBullet Blue JeansSteel Life and more!

Here are a few of my favorite American made companies that are listed on Modestics website.

Bauer Pottery

Heath Ceramics

Frye Boots

Pendleton Woolen Mills

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