Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Sleak, Modern and Functional Design

This landscape design is by Suzanna Pagan of SP Gardens in San Marcos, California.  I love how Suzanna transformed this outdated, unusable corner into a sleak, modern and livable space.  

I was thrilled that Steel Life's Matchstick planter was given a special place in this garden.  I love how Suzanna bounced colors around in the garden by the use of pillows, ottomans, seat cushions, the fire feature and planters.  Well done!

(All these images were borrowed from Susanna Pagan Landscape Design)



The Wok fire pit and Steel Life's Matchstick planter can both be found at the L.A. based, Potted Store.

 To see more images of this beautifully designed garden, go to the SP Gardens portfolio on

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