Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To Fairy Garden or not to Fairy Garden...that is the question.

Miniature Gardens have been such a craze over the past couple of years.  I never thought much of it, until someone mentioned to me that our Mod Dishes would be perfect for a Fairy Garden.  Hmm. A Modern Fairy Garden?  OK, I'll bite.

So I did some 'digging' and actually found several ideas that were pretty fun.  

Shirley Bovshow of the Home & Family Show
Garden TV
Janit Calvo's Gardening in Miniature book

This is what I think of when someone mentions Fairy Gardens.  Cute, but just TOO CUTE for my tastes.
At the Baker's Village Garden Center, OH
via  The Columbus Dispatch

 You can find 'Build a Fairy Garden' stations at garden centers around the country.  This one is at Otten Brothers Garden Center just outside of Minneapolis, MN.  Talk about options!

Click here to see a video of a Fairy Garden being made via HGTV.

Author, Janit Calvo, has theme kits or patio kits for your miniature garden like these from her Etsy shop.  I like the structure of these gardens better than most others I ran into.  Maybe that's just the landscape designer in me!  It reminded me of my landscape design classes I took in college where we had to make a model every week.

On her etsy site, Janit shows readers how she creates these decorative patios.  Janit has a great blog, The Mini Garden Guru.  If you are a miniature garden fanatic, she is the one to keep an eye on!

This one was pretty clever.  I may have to try one of my own.

Now, to find miniature furniture that I like.  This could be a challenge. Most styles of furniture I found were either Victorian, woodsy, french bistro or shabby chic. 

I don't have one particular design style I like, but I tend to gravitate towards modern, mid century, industrial, Tuscan and simple rustic.  It was challenging to find something that suited my tastes.  But as I found items I liked, I became more excited with the idea of putting together one of these miniature gardens.  Here are a few goodies I found during my search:

Stone gate via Miniature Garden Shoppe $7.95
Mini Hammock $18.99
Pillows via Modern Miniatures by DragonDee $26.50/set of 3

Hand carved Madrone Table & Chair Set by Angels Harvest $14.00
Handmade majolica tile table (top view) and chairs via A Life in Miniature $85.00

Silver Fairy Bench by Fantasy Crafts $8.00 
Lotus Planters $12.99 set of 2

I don't know how many of these miniature gardens I will ever make, but through my search, I have discovered how much fun it can be to make one.  There is a whole miniature world out there just waiting to be discovered!

I will be trying my hand at my own miniature garden in one of Steel Life's mod dishes.  If it turns out, I plan to display it at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago next month.  Steel Life's Desert Collection will be featured inside Strong Marketing's booth, #1023.  So, stay tuned!
In the meantime, follow my Mod Minis Pinterest board for inspiration on your next garden!

Now, who will I get to work in my miniature garden?

Oh, right.

A few more sources for all those Mod Mini Lovers out there:


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