Saturday, July 27, 2013

You say 'Oooohhhmmmmm'...I say 'Eames'.

Remember when Zen Gardens were ALL the RAVE?  I loved those little gardens!  So peaceful and full of tranquility.  I just wanted to sit all day with my little zen garden and make patterns in the sand.  Ooohhhhmmm.  Oooohhhhhmmm.  Oooohhhhmmm.

You can still purchase these gardens at a variety of stores, but I feel like it might be time to change things up a bit.

Zen Garden | Barnes and Noble

Miniature Zen Garden Kit

Instead of Oooohhhhmmm, I'm saying Eames!  Let's go modern with these miniature gardens.  

Numerous Mid Century Modern lovers have taken steps to create their own miniature MCM dollhouses, fully furnished with La Chaise Eames or Betoia's Diamond Lounge chairs, Sunburst mirrors and more!

Miniature Eames chair for sale on Etsy

Here are a few creative MCM miniatures I found during my search:

Via Designage
9-Bits Blog
Via Call of the Small

You can see more of these miniature gardens on my Mod Minis pinterest board or on a previous Fairy Garden post.

As far as modern gardens go, I have been a fan of these Modern Zen Gardens by Wendiland.  They come in a variety of sand colors and can really brighten up a space.
Modern Zen Garden by Wendiland

I'm trying my hand at a MCM-inspired Miniature Garden, which I've decided to call my Mod Mini.  I found some great fabric from the HGTV Upholstery Collection that I used as my color palette.

Then, I painted my mod chairs I found on Etsy.  Go bold or go home, I always say!

My trusty side kick (my husband...please, don't mind the guinness glass sans guinness) laid sand in one of our Steel Life Basin Mod Dishes.  He then shaped tile block on top of the sand and filled in the gaps.

Now the fun part...adding plants!

I don't have any image yet of the finished product, but I will soon.  I am playing around with the details of the Mini Mod for the IGC Show (Independent Garden Center Show) in Chicago next month.  Steel Life will be featured in Strong Marketing's Booth, number 1023.  

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