Monday, September 16, 2013

#GardenChat ~The Hub for Garden Enthusiasts

If you are in a remote area like I am and want to connect with other like-minded gardeners, then I have the perfect place for you.  Connect-Share-Grow (also known as #GardenChat) is a network that promotes all things growing.  It started as a twitter based chat forum where people could share and discuss their gardening experiences with others.  It has quickly transformed into a much larger network that has become a major hub for garden bloggers, authors, television personalities and everyday garden enthusiasts.

While I was in Chicago for the Independent Garden Center Show (IGC), I took the opportunity to find out what #GardenChat was all about.  I had been exposed to it on Twitter and through Facebook, but wanted to experience it for myself.

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show hosted a live #GardenChat event at Dinotto Italian Restaurant.  Over 70 guests attended the event and I was thrilled to be one of them.

I met some truly wonderful people at this cocktail mixer, including Katie Ketelsen from Better Homes and Gardens and Courtney Tompkins from Pure Elements.
Myself, Katie and Courtney (from left to right)

I also had the opportunity to meet Joe Lamp'l from PBS's Growing a Greener World. Growing a Greener World TV is another great resource for gardeners.  The whole team is great fun and I really love what they are doing.

Myself, Joe, Courtney/Pure Elements, and Carl

Brenda Haas/BGgardens, Stephanie Cates/Rescue! and The Garden Media Group gals

Some of the other guests I had the opportunity of meeting at the live #GardenChat event included Susan of Gaga's Garden, Bruce from Heavy Petal Nursery and TV personality Shawna Coronado.

To see the #GardenChat live on youtube, CLICK HERE.  You can see me chatting it up around minute 5.

To get more involved with this amazing network of garden enthusiasts, go to  #GardenChat also puts out a monthly online magazine.  

I received a HUGE gift bag from this event!  Gifts included  Corona pruners, Garden Girl USA gloves and this lovely book, Everyday Roses by Paul Zimmerman.  Unfortunately, I cannot grow roses in my climate due to freezing temperatures and overly friendly wildlife.  

I am going to be giving this away to a lucky facebook follower, so stay tuned on our Blooming Desert Facebook page for details.

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  1. Forgive me for delay in posting this comment .... I'm still coming down off of the garden-buzz' from all the amazing fun it was connecting with so many gardeners in Chicago. Thank you for being a part of this event! See you on Monday night #gardenchat Twitter!