Sunday, September 8, 2013

IGC Show | Chicago | 2013

This was my first experience at the IGC (Independent Garden Center) Show.  My gardening blood was bubbling the minute I stepped on Navy Pier.  My inner plant nerd was coming through and I needed to get to the show ASAP!

My walk from the downtown to Navy Pier

Never mind, my Mini Mod Garden was in total shambles.  For those of you that had followed my installation ideas, you can understand my disappointment.  After a 4 hour car ride in unknown territory, my Miniature Garden went from something like this...

Courtesy of Tambi Lane Photography, Bend, Oregon

To this...

This was no good.  I probably wasn't nearly as disappointed as the hotel room service was when they had to carry out a trash bag of wet sand, plants and stone. Opps.  Not sure if they will invite me back next year.

At any rate, I needed to carry on.  I couldn't be discouraged by such a minor thing, right?

Steel Life was showcased in Strong Marketing's booth, based out of Eugene, Oregon.  We were displayed alongside SeedBallz, Garden Cookies, Atlas gloves, Garden Connects and more.



The IGC Show was the largest garden show I had ever been to.  Luckily, I had a chance to explore most of the booths at one time or another.

Here are some of the items that caught my eye...

What's NOT to love?

I have a sweet spot for stone owls.

This was my favorite source for miniatures!
Now, THIS, I can relate to.

Amazing miniature figures!  Not mod, but I still loved them!

THis was a fabulous display with ORANGE!  I was drawn to it instantly!

The best part of my trip was the Live #GardenChat event I attended before the IGC Show even began.  Stay tuned for my next post...

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