Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kick Those 'Ol Tires Right into the Garden

After my Repurposing Trends in the Garden post from last year, I have continued to seek out other interesting ways of up cycling old products for use in the garden.  Old pallets and recycled glass have been my favorite, but I always find it interesting what people can do with old tires, as well.

Simpson Garden Park in Ohio
I remember playing on tire swings and inside giant construction truck tires on the playground when I was young, but nothing as cute as this!  

Via Etsy

If I was to bring a tire into my garden, I would probably paint it.
I just love these hanging succulent planters!

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

via Pinterest
via Recycled Interior Design

This is my all time favorite.    
These rubber tubes were made into seats by simply wrapping them in upholstery fabric.

Made by Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen via Apartment Therapy 

This up cycled tire idea was installed in Lima, Peru.  Interesting concept.  I think they would be more interesting if painted in rainbow colors or a pattern of some sort, especially because it was for a children's garden.

via Wallace Gardens

Eccotrack is the maker of these up cycled tire tables.  I think these would fit well in a garden painted or left black, depending on the style of the garden.

Out of all the tire planters I found, I like these the best.  Top dressed with glass rings and metal washers, this planter display is the perfect combination of texture and color.

Happy Tire Kicking!  If you are looking for more recycled tire projects to get inspired by, check out my Repurposed and Up Cycled Pinterest board.

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