Monday, October 28, 2013

Great Gabion!

Gabion walls have been on my mind.  I  love the idea of these walls and they are quite popular in Pacific Northwest gardens.

Northwest Minimalist Garden | via The Seattle Times

Gabion originated from Italy, meaning "big cage".  
Gabion walls are typically filled with gravel or concrete and used for erosion control, civil engineering or military protection.  They are also an economic way to retain soil, create retaining walls or to define an outdoor space by using materials that are readily available in your area.

via Seasons Garden Design

via Project Massena Modern | Bellevue, WA


via Rock-Oak-Deer  | Los Patios in San Antonio, TX

More recently, gabion walls have been used in a more decorative way within the landscape. Below, is a display garden exhibiting unique materials that can be used to construct a gabion wall.

Think of how great these materials are as a home to the beneficial insects in your garden!

Nature Squared Show Garden | Tatton Flower Show | via Playing With Flowers Blog

 Now, I doubt this tumbled glass is readily available or economical to most, but it does get you thinking about the possibilities!

Glass Gabion Water feature by Concreteworks

via Landscaping Network &

Glass chunk gabion stool lit from inside via Pinterest

Some of you already know how I feel about garden art in general, but these gabion garden pieces I find appealing.  They are structurally interesting and offer an ever changing focal point in the landscape during each season of the year.

via Cargo Culte Blog

Alison Concliffe's Garden via The Outlaw Gardener

If you don't have a yard, consider this d.i.y. mini gabion for your porch or inside your home.  Succulents are a perfect companion!

For this fun D.I.Y. mini gabion, click here

For more gabion inspiration, go to my 
Great Gabions Pinterest board 

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