Sunday, October 13, 2013

Into the Wild! ~ at Garden Fever | Portland, Oregon

I have a friend that use to work at Garden Fever on the Northeast side of Portland, Oregon.  Inspired from my friend's own garden while visiting, I knew Garden Fever was a place I needed to check out.

The first thing I noticed was the great selection of vertical garden modules and plant material...especially succulents.

I fell in love with this purple, retro love seat!

I also thought these tall ornamental cabbage would be a great addition to my seasonal planter.

Garden Fever has a great selection of decorative patio accessories. From pillows and Mad Mats to garden lanterns and wind chimes.

A fan of miniature gardens?  Well, they have a wide selection of accessories for those too...

Need a Garden Buddha?  Well, Garden Fever is your place.  They have one in every color of the rainbow.  Leave it up to Portland!

Orange Garden Buddhas shown with Loll Designs Outdoor chair

No matter what time of year, Garden Fever is a go to for all your garden needs.  
I know I'm hooked. 

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Stay tuned for a tour of my friend's won't want to miss it.

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