Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Picks from Martha Stewart American Made | Pacific Northwest

As promised from my last post, I have decided to highlight my favorite Martha Stewart American Made nominees from the part of the country I live in, the Pacific Northwest.

I just returned from Design Week Portland and I was inspired by all the talented designers and makers that I met.  A few of these makers were also Martha Stewart nominees, including Caravan Pacific, Phloem Studio and The Joinery.  

Caravan Pacific, The Joinery and Steel Life were all featured together in one of Made & State's Domestic Event showcase rooms last week.

Bed frame | The Joinery * Sullivan Table Lamp | Caravan Pacific * Jack planter | Steel Life
Showroom designed by Fig Studio & Architecture

I love Caravan Pacific.  Not just because the artist is also named Shannon (well, maybe that has a little to do with it), but because of the quality and care that is taken to make each and every piece made.  Caravan Pacific is best known for their classic American lighting .  

Shannon Guirl is the artist behind the name and I had a chance to visit her studio last week.  (You can learn more about my studio visit in an upcoming post.)

Myself with Shannon of Caravan Pacific
Black Deca Vessel via Caravan Pacific

Shannon also creates these small tabletop vessels perfect for a floral arrangement or a succulent display.  They are classy and a perfect accessory for any modern home or office.

via Phloem Studio | Maxwell
Lounge and Ottoman
During Design Week Portland, I also had the opportunity to meet the talented, Benjamin Klebba of Phloem Studio.  

Ben's Laura desk and newest chair collection was also featured in Fig Studio's showcase apartment for Made & State's Domestic PDX event.  I love the simple lines and unique angles that Phloem creates.

via Phloem Studio | Laura desk

Triple Wren Farms is an American flower farm based out of Ferndale, Washington. This family-owned business grows fresh flowers and seasonal produce in a sustainable way using OMNI-certified products.  

Triple Wren Farms is also certified as Salmon-Safe, meaning that their farming practices are done in a way that will protect the local water quality and fish habitat.
via Triple Wren Farms

via Triple Wren Farms

Barbara Sanderson of Mukilteo, Washington is the artist behind Glass Gardens NW.  Her hand blown glass sculptures have been recently featured in such magazines as Fine Gardening and New England Design.

I'm a big fan of her fiddlehead fern, icicles and leaf sculptures for planters.

via Glass Gardens NW

The product that was featured in Martha Stewart American Made was Barbara's Bee Preserver Glass Floats.  These were designed to allow bees to drink water without drowning by latching onto the raised part of the float.

via Glass Gardens NW

SeedBallz are a unique mixture of organics and seeds.  They are available in a wide variety of flowers, vegetable and herb mixtures and come in adorable packaging!  

Another great thing about the SeedBallz is that they are made by adults with developmental disabilities, giving them a chance of employment and to make a valuable contribution to society.

SeedBallz from Garden Basket in Eugene, Oregon was the only other American Made nominee in the Garden category that Steel Life was competing against in Oregon.  Strangely enough, it was also a product we were featured alongside this summer at the IGC Show in Chicago!

These tea towels by Sunday Drive Designs in Seattle appealed to me right away.  They make a perfect gift for cooking and outdoor enthusiasts!

All pictures via Sunday Drive Designs

Martha Stewart's American Made contest was a great way to be introduced to so many American makers.  I was thrilled with my experience as a nominee and hope it has inspired others to seek out the maker in themselves.

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  1. I just discovered this article - thank you so much for highlighting us! Best wishes! - Sarah from Triple Wren Farms