Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Picks from Martha Stewart's American Made

     Now that the Martha Stewart American Made contest is over, I can FINALLY reveal my favorites.  Being a American Made nominee myself, I was overwhelmed with the support I received from so many people.  There were some really great nominees, it was fun to go through them all.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The first was one of Martha Stewart's Audience Choice Finalists, 
Modern Yardage.

Modern Yardage is an online shop that offers quality, affordable fabrics that are unique and designer quality.  Modern Yardage uses environmentally friendly inks and avoids waste by printing fabric in the USA, for customers upon purchase.

Willow Wisp By Julie Hamilton
Bloem In Nordic By Heather Dutton

The next two, New York based nominees were from the same American Made category Steel Life was in, the Garden category.

The first is Liz Pulver Design.  Liz Pulver is a practicing landscape architect in New York City that had a desire to bring beautiful pocket gardens into more urban spaces.  I love the colors and styles of her planters.  Plus, the portability is perfect for bringing as a housewarming or other gift.

The Sill is an American Made nominee I kept my eye on throughout the contest.  They take beautiful images of their products and have a great presence on Pinterest and their other social media sites. 

The Sill offers houseplant delivery and plant design services to those in NYC.   They provide easy care planters and making it easy for those in the city to bring the outside in.

The Sill's Blog offers great care tips and how to guides for new plant owners and inspiring gardeners.

I love the way the guys over at Yesterday Reclaimed use locally, reclaimed and up cycled materials to create their products.  Their reclaimed wood is from pre-demolitioned, antique barns throughout Virginia and the steel from local farmers and scrapyards.

I'm a big fan of their benches from vintage truck tailgates.

Moonshine Lamp Company is out of Claremont, California.  They bring recycled bottles to life with their unique light fixtures.  From wall sconces to multi-bottle chandeliers, this company has it all.

I enjoyed sorting through Martha Stewart's American Made Nominees so much that I am inspired to post more.  Stay tuned for my Oregon Made Nominee post coming soon.

I hope to meet many more Oregon Makers this week at Design Week Portland.  To stay connected with this event as it happens, like the Steel Life Facebook page or follow us on Twitter | Tumblr.


  1. At Modern Yardage, we are so thankful for your acknowledgment of our new and innovative company. We are so thrilled with our success in the contest and recognize that there were so many great companies nominated who worked very hard and deserved to be recognized. Best of luck to you and to other wonderful companies that you have spotlighted here. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Yah! Love your products and I am happy to share your company and success with others. Cheers, Shannon