Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Guest Pinterest Board | Katie Ketelsen of Big Bad Flower

Introducing our next Guest Pinner for the
'Most Favorite Things' Pinterest board.

Katie Ketelsen

Like my first guest, I also met Katie last summer at the Independent Garden Show in Chicago.  I had originally connected with her through social media, but then was personally introduced to her at the #gardenchat live event.  

Actually, it wasn't so much as us being introduced, as me coming up to her and saying, "Hey, I know you!".  Luckily, she knew who I was too, so it wasn't as awkward as it could have been.

Just from our short visits throughout the IGC Show, I could tell that Katie was a very hard worker and passionate about her work in the Green Industry.  Since then, I have enjoyed following her gardening tips, plant know-how and inspirational photos through the social media sites she participates in.

Myself, Katie and Courtney Tompkins of Pure Elements 

Katie Ketelsen is best known from her position as the Digital Editor for Better Homes and Gardens.  However, she is now the Brand Manager for Big Bad Flower, an online shop specializing in tropical flowers shipped directly to consumers.  I'm looking forward to seeing many great things from Katie and her new venture...not to mention, getting my hands on a few of those gorgeous, Big Bad tropicals!

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Here are a few of her pins...
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