Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guest Pinterest Board | Bruce Bailey of Heavy Petal Nursery

Introducing the first Guest Pinner on our
'Most Favorite Things' Pinterest Board...

Bruce Bailey 

I met Bruce Bailey last summer at the Independent Garden Show in Chicago.  We were introduced at the #gardenchat live event and then, we reconnected at the IGC Show the next day.  I loved Bruce's spunk and passion for 'garden worthy' plants, as he refers to them.

Bruce is the owner of Heavy Petal Nursery in Moses Lake, Washington.  Living in zone 5 does not limit Bruce in his garden, it challenges him!  Having majored in art, art history and history, Bruce creates gardens through unconventional art expression and unique plant choices.  Bruce is also an accomplished interior designer/decorator, painter, social media personality, and speaker at garden show and events, nationwide.

Bruce was recently chosen to participate in P. Allen Smith's 2012 Garden2Blog event.  He has also been a guest host on Twitter's #gardenchat and Heritage Radio Network, We Dig Plants with Carmen Devito & Alice Marcus Krieg. 

There is much more to come from my friend, Bruce Bailey.  You don't have to live in Eastern Washington to learn what Bruce has to share.  In March, Bruce will be speaking at the 2014 Chicago Flower and Garden Show.  You can also connect with Bruce on these social media sites:

* All images above have been borrowed from Heavy Petal Nursery.

Here are a few of Bruce Bailey's Guest Pins.  

Manure Tea by Authentic Haven Brand

Pillow by Soeur a la Soeur

Wood Egg Crates


  1. Wonderful way to share the talents of those in the world of gardening and quality products

    1. Thank you, Annie. Looks like your product is a favored item for the holidays! I'll have to get my hands on it sometime soon!

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