Monday, November 4, 2013

Pacific Northwest Garden

I have a close friend that I use to work with at a garden center many years ago.  We use to schlep (yes, that's a real word and probably used way to often in the plant nursery world) 25 gallon trees around for customers.  

Ann is one of those friends that has a natural eye for design and the motivation and drive to get things done on her own terms.  She says the motivation is financially driven, but regardless, I'm convinced that she is a naturally born artist.  In a moment, I think you will agree.

Currently, Ann is a project manager for a unique, architectural firm in Portland, Oregon.  She has worked on some really amazing projects over the years, however, the project I would like to highlight is her own blood, sweat and tears garden.  

Unfortunately, I do not have any before pictures.  Just imagine a really bad landscape.  Trust me.  When Ann purchased her home, she had to turn her yard into a blank slate before recreating this amazing space.  Over the years, little by little, Ann has single handedly transformed her plot of land into a garden oasis.

When I came over to Portland for Design Week, Ann opened her home and garden up to me.  Here are a few pictures from her garden. 

I love how Ann re purposed and up cycled materials into useful elements in her garden.

Let's talk about details.  Can you see how every inch is carefully planned and cared for?  Gorgeous!

I love the combination of traditional brick with concrete paver stone!

This garden is a great example of what is possible in a Pacific Northwest garden.  Texture, pattern, color and salvaged material are juxtaposed, creating a livable, workable space that you never want to leave.

I know I didn't.

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