Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guest Pinterest Board | Pam Penick

This week, I would like to introduce

I first discovered Pam through her book Lawn Gone!  This book truly resonated with me as a landscape designer.  Living in the High Desert, having a well-manicured lawn just isn't practical or sustainable for my clients.  Many times, my clients want to reduce or eliminate their lawn, but don't know how to go about it.

Lawn Gone! offers practical and achievable substitutions for  homeowners including plant recommendations, lawn removal techniques and strategies to deal with your HOA or those unconvinced neighbors.

Pam is a landscape designer in Austin, Texas.  She has written for Fine Gardening, Garden Design and other publications, and her photographs have appeared in various magazines.  Her blog, Digging, offers inspirational images, design tips and examples of lawn-gone gardens.

Via Digging | Pam Penick's Blog

Here are a few images from today:
(Sources from these images can be found on the Pinterest board.)

Etchings by Texas artist, Melanie Fain
City Planter by Potted

Tea Towel from Kimball Prints
ModPod Birdhouses from Potted

Moss Rocks!

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