Sunday, March 2, 2014

Not your average Herringbone or Chevron pattern

As a landscape designer, I despise the Herringbone pattern for pavers.  It is a pattern that I feel difficult to use in anything but a square shaped patio, and rarely do I design a square shaped patio.  I also do not like using it for a pathway, because it feels like I am trying to move people through a space too quickly.  I feel rushed.  Trust me, I do not like feeling husband can vouch for that.


Then came Chevron.  I loved when the Chevron pattern came back into style.  However, I quickly got tired of it.  I don't know if it was because it was overused or if I felt like I had to commit to only one color scheme.    


I'm the same way with polka dots...always have been.  I like a pattern that drives my eye to a spot and let's me wander about the space, exploring it on my own terms.

Just to clarify the zigzag on the Herringbone pattern versus the Chevron.  In a Chevron pattern, the lines run point to point and are cut at an angle on the end to create a continuous zigzag. Herringbone creates lines that finish perpendicular to each other, so the zigzag is broken.


In my search, I found a few Chevron pillows that were a twist on the two toned, basic Chevron.  Some of these I like and could see incorporating into a modern garden.

Chevron pillows via

I also found this beautiful door that put another twist on the typical Chevron design.   This door was made by Matt Sherer of Boneyard Designs for Sierra Water Gardens in Reno, Nevada.  

via Sierra Water Gardens | Reno, NV

Here are a few other creative ways of using the Chevron pattern with a variety of wood tones and grains.  I find this technique much more appealing to the eye and easier to incorporate other colors and textures into a modern garden.

HGTV Design Star via Britany Simon Design


As far as the Herringbone pattern goes, I am looking for other creative ways of incorporating it into the modern garden other than for pavers.  Fences, fabrics, rugs, privacy screens, hardscapes and outdoor furniture are just a few recent fun finds of mine.

Herringbone Tile via

Rugs USA Herringbone Cotton Flatwoven Rug

Herringbone Coffee Table by


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