Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good Form, Target. Good Form.

In my recent post 'Finding the truth behind American-made product knock offs', I discovered just how many consumers really want to support American-made products.  That blog post had over 10 times the hits on it than any other post I've written.  That speaks volumes and apparently, Target heard.  Not just from me, but from so many other American makers, boutiques and like-minded individuals.

I am thrilled to announce that Target heard our cry and took the high road in the #Shameontarget movement.  Below is an official update from Brandon Williams of Modfire on the big box store controversy.

I hope this will be a lesson to other big box stores that American makers will take a stand and together will have a voice in protecting their American dream.


"As many of our followers know we have been working diligently to get Target to stop production of the Threshold Chiminea, their nearly identical knockoff of our iconic Modfire design. It’s taken some wrangling, sure and enormous fortitude but, guess what? The Threshold Chiminea is going to be pulled from production…Wow…WE did it!

Did you hear me say WE? Yes? Well that means YOU! Thank YOU for for caring, taking a stand and voicing your frustration at seeing a small business suffer at the hands of a corporate giant even if it is Target…(How very David and Goliath). Our fight became your fight and it went VIRAL.

I’m always the one looking for the best possible outcome, but solutions like this usually only happen in movies you need tissues for. I mean really, this is pretty amazing. We went from getting knocked off by a big box retailer, to creating a viral grassroots campaign #shameontarget, to getting a positive resolution within three weeks of the initial story coming out.
That’s it…No lawyers, no legal teams or court battles, some stern letters back and fourth and Target eventually put me in contact with the company responsible for the design and manufacture of the Threshold Chiminea overseas. Surprisingly, I received a very kind letter from the company at fault in this whole mess.

The owner of that Asian manufacturing company personally reached out to me, praised our design, understood our passion for making a high quality American products and even expressed interest in collaborating in the future if we were open to it. This gentleman showed enormous integrity by reaching out, being honest and doing the right thing, (pulling the design from production). What a way to see this story come to a close!

I must add, if not for the hard work of Chris Mobley of Just Modern, Linda Geiser at Modistics (and several others) in their tireless efforts of championing our company, the Modfire design and empowering people to stand up and fight, I doubt we would have had the leverage to go up against a huge company like Target and be taken seriously. So again, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You for caring about good design, loving Modfire and supporting American Small Business, we couldn’t have done it without you."  -Brandon Williams, Modfire

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