Friday, April 11, 2014

Incorporating Glass into your Modern Garden

If you cannot commission Dale Chihuly to hand blow a glass sculpture for your garden (raising hand), here are a few other ideas of incorporating glass into your modern garden.

1.  Top dress your planting beds with tumbled glass.

Tumbled Landscape Glass via

2.  Purchase a fun piece of stained glass from your local glass 
     artisan or from Etsy.

Found on Etsy.
by Shelly's Glass Studio on Etsy

by Shelly's Glass Studio on Etsy

3.  Put it in a planter.

Hand blown glass icicle by Glass Gardens NW available on Etsy

4.  Frost it.
     Upcycle a piece of glass and frost it with your favorite modern    
     design to use as a privacy screen or accent. Click here to see how we did

5.  Fill a gabion wall with it.
        More glass gabion walls here.


6.  Substitute water for it.


7.  Create outdoor lighting.


8.  Put it in the fire.


9.  Feed the birds with it.

Moon Birdfeeder by

10.  Drink out of it.  
       If all else fails,  just grab a glass and fill it with your favorite 
       garden cocktail!  Enjoy your garden 'as is' with friends.

To see more upcycled images from the garden, click here!

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